Áccents offers news and views on traditional and emerging Hispanic ministry by educators and church leaders involved in equipping the next generation of cross-cultural leaders. Áccents celebrates the rich diversity of God’s people, the importance and value of culture and the unique contribution that every accent brings to the work of God in the world. Áccents likewise affirms how Christian faith provides a unique Christian accent common to all cultures in which it arises.

As a blog sponsored by Baptist University of the Américas (BUA) in San Antonio, Texas, its contributers include staff and faculty of the only Hispanic Baptist college in America dedicated to those with a passion for doing good in the world. Through accredited bachelor’s degrees, associates degrees and pre-college diplomas and certificates, BUA is engaged in the formation of cross-cultural Christian leaders in a vibrant Hispanic learning community. BUA prepares graduates for service in the church, for Christian non-profits, for faith-motivated professions, church planters, missionaries and theologically-trained lay leaders. 

As a collaborative blog, contributors variously include:

René Maciel, President

Brad Russell, Vice President for University Relations

Javier Elizondo, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Marconi Monteiro, Vice President for Student Development

Arnie Adkison, Vice President for Development

Nora Lozano, Associate Professor of Biblical/Theological Studies

David Maltsberger, Associate Professor of Biblical/Theological Studies

Gabriel Cortés, Director of Church and Alumni Relations

BUA has a sixty-year history of training Hispanic church leaders and is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, www.bgct.org.

To learn more about BUA, visit www.BUA.edu


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