Chiapas Pastoral Care Training Completes 3-Year Cycle

pastoral-care-conference_guadalajara.jpgpastoral-care-conference_guadalajara.jpgIn certain regions of Mexico, mental health resources are often scarce. Consequently, local pastors are in great demand for counseling through complex life crises such as chronic depression, suicide, domestic violence, family breakdown, grief and loss.   For the past twelve years BUA has been involved in a Texas-Mexico Pastoral Care & Counseling Conference along with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Hospital Mexicano Americano in Guadalajara. The partnership has trained an astounding 850 pastors and lay leaders in basic and advanced pastoral care practices and exponentially enhanced the lives of thousands in Mexico who have been served by their churches and community ministries. BUA’s Paul Kraus brings this report from a recent seminar in Chiapas: 

I just returned from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas Mexico safe, sound, and exhilarated! The Pastoral Care Conference held March 3-7 went very well! Now that we have completed two-3 year teaching cycles in Chiapas, it was hard to say  goodbye after six years teaching courses there. The President of the Chiapas Baptist Convention thanked me and my team for equipping his pastors in their caring ministry to their church members. The 120 hours of courses both in Chiapas and Guadalajara has sparked great interest throughout Mexico.The next extension conference will be held in Tyauna, Mexico beginning February 2009 and will end there in 2011. Both the Guadalajara Conference (July) and Extension Conferences (February/March) are held annually for a 3 year   period of time. Usually the extension conference ends after 3 years and then begins at another location in Mexico.  Thank you BUA friends for taking the time to pray for us. Peace, Paul   


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