BUA Hosts Three Hispanic Baptist Gatherings

Today, BUA is buzzing with activity as we host three important meetings for Hispanic Baptists.

Editorial Mundo Hispano (Casa Bautista de Publicaciones) is holding their annual spring board meeting on campus at the invitation of President René Maciel and Dr. Javier Elizondo who are also board members. Casa Bautista, as most Baptists know it, is the world’s oldest Spanish-language evangelical publishing house with distribution in over 70 countries during the last century of operations.

Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas
Officers of the Convención Bautista Hispana are also meeting on campus today to finalize plans for the summer convention, themed “Heme aquí, envíame a mí” (Here am I, send me). The annual convention of Hispanic Texas Baptists will be held in Wichita Falls June 22-24. You can learn more at www.bgct.org/espanol

Conferencia Hispana de Predicación
Both of these groups have timed their meetings to coincide with the Hispanic Preaching Conference that begins on campus tonight with over 300 expected to attend. This conference was held at Truett Seminary for the past 5 years, but BUA now has the honor of organizing and hosting our fellow Hispanic pastors from all over Texas.  

So for today, all Texas roads lead to BUA for these important gatherings for kingdom work. Please pray for all those involved, and for the creative inspiration God might provide for our ministry together.



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